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Power Plant

SNT Co. is ready for power plant service at different field with successful experienced in electrical industry and power generation project.
Erection and commissioning of power plant
Overhaul of all kind of power plant
Operation and managing (O&M) of power plant
Renewal equipment of power plant
EPC project erection of substation and electrical equipment of power plant
Erection of renewable engines and wind power plant project
Project managing of power plant plans
Erection of wind power plant and new energy   
SNT Co. is ready for larger project and to hold conversation and partnership with other companies. SNT Co. uses all potential technical, managing, executing at this field.
SNT Co. could be the best company at power plant field due to several erection, commissioning all types of power plant (gas, combined cycle power plant) and overhaul of gas turbines and diesel generation in addition to operation of power¬ plant around the country.